Welp. It’s official. This week has been fantastic. I finally sent my project after 10 days of battling, 1,879 miles of driving from Boston to Connecticut after work, $3,400,904 of worth of gas, and 17.5 burritos from El Sombrero. The day it finally went, I drove 100 miles per hour down to the boulder after work, hiked out 4 pads, warmed up on a traverse, and sent first go of the day. I was all alone. Or at least I thought I was. Dan Bates, the Bradley Sheriff, came ambling around the corner soon after he heard my victory cries. With a bunch of help from the one and only, Jon Glassberg, my friend, fellow strongling, cuddle bunny, and expert life partner, I was able to put together a video to remember.  Hope you enjoy.

On top of this boulder completion, I was able to make Finals at the HEART OF VSTEEL. A brilliant comp set by Max Zolotukhin, Steven Jeffrey, Jon Glassberg, and Gavin Heverly. Walking away with a second place finish and $400 felt like ice cream melting in my mouth on a hot summer’s day. It felt delicious. Nice job to all competitors! Vasya, as always, is a true inspiration. And a big thank you to the spectators! Look out for the plethora of video coverage that will most undoubtedly ensue.

Aside: I plan on writing a comp report in full detail. And also some more thoughts on this whole bouldering/competition experience. Chyeahuh.